Home Food Delivery Menu for Winter 2012-2013

Home food deliveries are made as a Chef's choice from week to week. The menu below provides a sample of the types of prepared foods you may be receiving. Chef Daniel often makes modifications to menu items based on his creative culinary inspiration with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients that are in season. 

The food delivered by Cantu's Culinary Creations are tailored to the dietary requests that customers provide when signing up for Cantu's home food delivery service. Complete sign-up form to get started > 

Please Note: being the winter season fresh raw foods are not a staple of this menu, but can be made upon request.

vegetarian  (v)   vegan  (V)   raw  (r)   gluten-free (gf)   can easily be made gluten-free (*gf)


Soups and Salads

Classic Clam Chowder
creamy bacon & potato goodness
for one $5.5    for two $10    for four $18

Chipotle Pumpkin Soup (V) (gf)
a spicy new way to enjoy this staple vegetable
for one $3.5    for two $6.5    for four $12

Cheesy Potato
'nuff said...
for one $4.5    for two $8.5    for four $14

French Onion (gf)
a comforting soup to warm the soul
for one $4.5    for two $8.5    for four $14

Curried Squash & Vegetable (V) (gf)
a fragrant blend of seasonal veggies
for one $4    for two $7    for four $13

Three Bean Chili (V) (gf)
for the chili lover in you
for one $ 3.5   for two $6.5    for four $12

Ginger Sweet Potato & Peanut (V) (gf)
a dynamic, full flavored soup
for one $4.5    for two $8.5    for four $14

Creamy Roasted Butternut (v) (gf)
for one $4    for two $7    for four $13

Sesame Pumpkin & Bok Choy (V) (gf)
with soy ginger dressing, this is a fresh, bright, asian inspired salad
for one $4    for two $ 7.5   for four $14

Black Bean & Egg Salad (gf)
Clifford Farm eggs in a Southwest stye
for one $5    for two $9    for four $16

Tahini Beets & Cabbage (V) (gf)
a unique shade of savory flavor
for one $s4.5    for two $8    for four $14

Lemon Almond Kale (V) (gf)
seared and tossed with caramelized onions
for one $5    for two $9    for four $16

Roasted Butternut & Apple (V)
with toasted sunflower seeds and herb vinaigrette
for one $4.5    for two $8.5    for four $16

Entrees and Hot Sides

Banana Squash Crusted Rainbow Trout (gf)
with Lemon Dill Butter
for one $12 for two $22 for four $38

Clifford Farm Pulled Pork Roast (*gf)
with brown sauce and roasted vegetables
for one $10 for two $18 for four $34

Garlic Cilantro Tilapia (*gf)
with roasted pepper cream sauce and quinioa
for one $9 for two $17 for four $32

Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Stuffed Portobello (V)
with coconut curry sauce
for one $8.5 for two $16 for four $28

Paprika Chicken & Lentils (gf)
with carrots, dates and walnuts
for one $9.5 for two $17 for four $32

Turkey Pot Pie
with puff pastry crust
for one $9 for two $16 for four $30

Maple Roasted Roots (V) (gf)
carrots, potatoes, turnips, rutabagas
for one $5 for two $9 for four $15

Garlic Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes (V) (gf)
for one $4 for two $ 7 for four $12

Lemon Herb Sweet Dumpling Squash (V) (gf)
for one $3.5 for two $6 for four $11

Ginger Beets (V) (gf)
for one $4.5 for two $8 for four $15

Pumpkin Fries (v)
with chipotle dipping sauce
for one $6 for two $10 for four $18

Extra Goodies

Balsamic Chicken & Veggie Wrap
$6 each

Teriyaki Salmon Wrap
$6 each

Roasted Squash, Chickpea & Feta Wrap (v)
$5.5 each

Pomegranate Yogurt
in house made yogurt
$1.5 each

Apple Ginger Pumpkin Crisp (V)
for one $4.5 for two $8 for four $15

Peanut Butter Dream Cheesecake (v)
for one $4 for two $7 for four $13

Word on the Grapevine

Having worked with Dan and known him for five years, has inspired in me a mouthwatering relationship with food. Food is Dan's artistic and entertainment medium. His creations are delectible and exciting to the palate, and healthy for the body and soul. Namsaste!
~ Ben

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